Kentucky bike rally

Scooter Policy: Must be at least 50 cc, must have license plate and insurance, paperwork required. Must pay $30 Scooter Sticker Fee at Ticket Booth (online not available for scooters)

Q: When is the Rally?
A: It is held the 3rd weekend in July each year. Thursday through Sunday.

Q: Where is it?
A: The Rally is held in Sturgis, Kentucky. The address is 125 Pryor Boulevard, Sturgis, KY 42459 for GPS.

Q: Is Sturgis a big town?
A: No. Sturgis has less than 2,000 people.

Q: How do you fit all of those people in a small town?
A: The Rally is held at the Union County Fair & Expo Center less than a mile from the town on lots of acres.

Q: How much does it cost to attend the Rally?
A: It depends on what you want to take into the Rally. You can see all of the entry pricing HERE

Q: Do I need to reserve a spot to camp with my tent/camper/RV?
A: No. Our grounds are first-come, first-served, so when you get to the Rally, find a spot that you like and set up camp!

Q: What is pre-staging and EarlyBird?
A: Pre-staging is where people wait in line to get in the Rally. With people coming in as early as a week before the Rally begins, we have a designated area for them. EarlyBird is where you pay to get in the Rally a day before the official opening. (Wednesday) Earlybird is $10 per person, (Saturday) Pre-Staging is $20 per person.

Q: Do you have a dump station?
A: No. The company that does the Portajohns will empty your tanks for a fee. You will have to let them know that you need them emptied.

Q: Can we buy beer at the Rally?
A: Yes. Beer is sold by the drink.

Q: How old do you have to be to get into the Rally?
A: 21.

Q: Can colors be worn?
A: Yes.

Q: What is your policy on weapons?
A: No weapons allowed. No guns. No knives. No exceptions.

Q: Can people bring pets?
A: No. But service dogs are allowed.

Q: Do you have showers?
A: Yes. Free, hot showers.

Q: Do you have a schedule?
A: Yes. As soon as it is finalized, we will post the schedule on our official website HERE, you can print it out and bring it with you if you wish. Schedules will also be available at the information center and ticket booths at the rally. On the Schedule you will find the events, band times, contests, games, vendor locations, and a map of where everything is located.

Q: When do I need to arrive - I want to be first in line.
A: If you want to get into the Rally before the official gates open, EarlyBird entry is available the day before the Rally begins. *There is a fee. See our official website for more information.

Q: Are there RV water/electric hookups available?
A: We have a limited number of water/electric hookups. Most of them are reserved each year by the same people who have had them before. If you want to be on the waiting list, call (270) 333-7244. Due to the limited number hookups, people use their onboard or portable generators. We also have a water truck to fill your holding tanks and a waste management company to empty your holding tanks. They do charge a fee for these services.

Q: Are there any discounts or promo codes?
A: Yes, you can purchase your armbands on our official website for $10 less than at the gate. *Note: Online sales end the Sunday before the Rally begins.

Q: How can I become a vendor?
A: Submit your information on the form HERE and we will contact you.

Q: How can I book my band?
A: Email us along with a link to your website and/or your EPK along with your rates and we will contact you at need.

Q: Is there ice sold at the Rally?
A: Yes. We have ice for sale as well as an ice truck that travels throughout the Rally. Look for signs.

Q: Do you have a Bike Show?
A: Yes. With 25 classes. It is held in the air-conditioned Arnold Arena on site. Click HERE for a listing of the classes.

Q: Are golf carts / ATV's allowed?
A: No. Our insurance carrier prohibits any vehicle that is not street legal.

Q: Do you have public transportation?
A: Yes, FREE taxi's travel throughout the Rally from 9am-9pm daily. They do not leave the grounds. (To hail a taxi that leaves the Fairgrounds & Expo Center, look for signs).

* Please use water guns responsibly.

* For the safety of everyone in attendance

Q: What is the name of that Biker Store in Sturgis?
A: Custom Biker Wear. It is located on Main Street. Anything you need bike-related, they have it.

Q: Do you have any contests?
A: Yes. In addition to late-night wet T-shirt contests, we have a tattoo contest and a "Best Campsite" contest.

Q: If I purchase armbands online, do I have to wait in line to get in?
A: No. Once your purchase your armbands (and any other items ) online, you will get an email confirmation. Print the confirmation and bring it with you. When you enter the Rally, look for signs that say "ONLINE SALES". The attendants will scan your paperwork, give you your armbands and affix any admission stickers to support vehicles, etc. You will avoid the general admission crowds.

Q: Do you have professionally trained security personnel?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a first-aid booth?
A: Yes. Licensed First-Aid and EMT personnel are available 24/7 during the Rally.

Q: Are there any hotels close?
A: There is a small hotel in Morganfield, KY (11 miles away) and several in Henderson, KY and Madisonville, KY (both around 40 miles away). There is also a Bed & Breakfast in Marion, KY (17 miles away). However, most people that come to the Rally stay at the Rally.

Q: Do you rent RV's, Tents?
A: No. You can search online if you would like to rent an RV to attend the Rally.

Q: How much does it cost to camp in a tent?
A: Tent camping (primitive camping) is free.

Q: Can we have a fire pit?
A: Yes, as long as it is self contained and is monitored.

Q: Can I purchase firewood at the Rally?
A: Yes. As long as supplies last. The convenient stores in Sturgis all sell firewood as well.

Q: Can we bring generators?
A: Yes. (be courteous to your neighbors)

Q: Can I bring a small pool?
A: Yes. There will be a water truck available but water may be limited. There is a nominal fee.

Q: Do we have to pay extra to see the bands?
A: No. Your armband covers it all.

Q: What if my armband is defective?
A: If your armband is too tight, too loose, or frayed, return to the ticket booth immediately for a replacement. Cut or modified armbands will result in you having to purchase a new one.If you are seen inside the Rally without an armband, you will be removed and have to pay for a new one as. Approach any Rally Official for directions to the Ticket Booth.

Q: Can I take my armband off?
A: No. The armbands at the Rally are made of the best materials and are waterproof. They will sustain during the entire Rally. Modified or mutilated armbands are not allowed.

Q: Where can I get an official Sturgis Ky Bike Rally shirt?
A: Look for the "Official Merchandise" banner. Also, Custom Biker Wear in downtown Sturgis carries them.

Q: What about trash pick-up?
A: Trash is picked up all day. Look for the dumpsters to dispose of your trash. Make sure you bring extra trash bags.

Q: I have an RV but won't be hooked up to electric or water. Do you have water available for my reserve tanks?
A: A water truck will circulate the grounds. If you need water, let them know and they will try to accommodate you as quickly as possible. There is a nominal fee.

Q: I have a reserved RV spot. Can I come in on Wednesday to set up?
A: Yes. You must purchase an EarlyBird ticket. Since your reservation is for Thursday through Sunday, you may be subject to an additional fee for Wednesday night that the City imposes.

Q: I ordered everything online but didn't get an email OR I lost my paperwork with my reservation on it.
A: Bring your ID and the gate workers can look up your name manually. Keep in mind that this will take time.

Q: I can't come now. I need a refund.
A: All ticket sales are final and refunds are not given.

***The Kentucky Bike Rally Reserves The Right To Remove ANYONE and/or Deny Entry to ANYONE at any time for any reason.***

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